Abay CHR

Abay CHR is Patient Centered Connected Health Record. It promotes health service delivery activities by providing quality information to care providers and patients. This allows all involved in a given facility readily access in real time the right data to make evidence based clinical and administrative decisions, ultimately ensuring better, efficient and evidence based health/treatment outcomes.

Medical practice is highly dependent on teamwork as two or more health care providers can be involved in a patient’s treatment. Abay CHR have improved smooth and timely communication amongst all health care professionals on patient matters that is, starting from the registration data clerk, all involved in patients care such as Laboratory Technologists, Pharmacists, Nurses and Physicians can exchange patient information instantly in real time. Abay CHR has

  • Highly flexible template designer requiring no programming to add new modules, updating modules, and updating fields
  • Highly flexible database designer auto generating all the database saving and update code
  • Highly flexible report designer allowing the user to create different kinds of reports, charts, aggregations on data entered into the system
  • In summary a complete system which allows users to create new GUI HTML templates, database tables, saving/retrieve codes, reporting/charts and dashboards all without requiring any programming

Abay CHR not only support health providers maintain continuity of care by improving communications amongst all involved but it also helps health facilities reduce medical errors. Additionally, one of the benefits is its ability to assist care providers with alert messages or reminders in order to minimize medical errors. For instance, if a patient is known to be allergic to penicillin and recorded to the patient database, alert message will be displayed during an attempt of prescribing penicillin related medications to the same patient.

Abay CHR provides automated abstract registers, cohort reports and other statistical and analytics reports that will assist facilities measure clinical service quality against set of indicators. It integrates applications that includes automatic SMS notification to patient and integrates telemedicine services.